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The many benefits of treating hearing loss are well documented. But often it takes the personal stories of the people who have actually had treatment to really bring those benefits to life. Hear people with hearing loss talk about how hearing implants have transformed their lives for the better.

These are the real-life experiences which give the statistics meaning. Wherever you are on your hearing journey, you can find reassurance in these stories, which show that treating hearing loss has a dramatic and positive impact on quality of life.

Hearing stories for hybrid implant recipients

Ellen DeVoss started to notice her hearing and her independence declining. Learn more about her journey from hearing aids to a Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid Implant System. It was "Miraculous and life changing,” said DeVoss. "It is unbelievable I can hear speech so well."2

Ellen DeVoss


Hearing stories from cochlear recipients

Listen to Mary and Eldon Cook talk about how cochlear implants brought them together and made them feel part of society again. Or see Nan’s response after her cochlear implant was activated after 50 years of living with hearing loss. Nothing quite demonstrates the benefits of cochlear implants quite like these touching, true-life stories. Remarkably, there are another 450,000 cochlear implant recipients around the world with similarly inspirational stories of their own.

Mary & Eldon Cook


Nan's activation video


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Hearing stories from direct bone conduction implant recipients

Randi Long lost hearing in her right ear from a virus. After getting a Cochlear Baha System, she is hearing the things she missed for the last 10 years including her daughters voice.

Randi Long


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