Looking after your hearing

Preventing hearing loss is possible - largely by managing your exposure to hazardous noise. More than a third of hearing loss is caused by loud noise1, which damages the sensitive structures in the inner ear.

Noise-induced hearing loss accumulates over time, and the higher the level of sound and the longer your exposure, the more damage is likely to occur. Many popular leisure activities, such as attending music gigs and listening to personal stereos at high volume, can expose you to risky levels of noise. Even everyday sounds such as traffic or noisy household technology can damage your hearing with prolonged exposure. By being mindful of the noise levels around you and taking some simple precautions, you can prevent and limit hearing loss throughout your lifetime.

Make listening safe

How teens and young adults can prevent hearing loss

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Dangers of loud music

Loud music has damaged the hearing of some of the world’s biggest rock stars – and you could be at risk, too…

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Is your lifestyle harming your hearing – or someone else’s?

If you smoke, drink too much or are overweight, you’re at risk of developing hearing loss. And if you smoke around others, particularly children, you could be harming their hearing, too...

Is your lifestyle harming your hearing – or someone else’s?

Hearing loss prevention tips

Interested in preventing or limiting hearing loss? Learn more about hearing loss prevention.

Hearing loss prevention


The information on this website is for educational purposes, and is not intended to replace medical advice. Please consult a hearing healthcare professional to diagnose or treat a hearing or health problem.

A report by Access Economics Pty Ltd February 2006, http://www.audiology.asn.au/public/1/files/Publications/ListenHearFinal.pdf

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