"I now have two wonderful grandsons and I feel I’m re-living my time as a parent!"


Location: London
Hearing Improvement Type: Cochlear implant
Sound Processors: Cochlear Nucleus® Freedom

Jenny was born with a hearing loss and was totally deaf by the age of 15. She could hear nothing when her daughter Louisa was born.

Her husband installed flashing lights around the house to tell her when Louisa was crying and Jenny communicated with her baby using basic signing from an early age. “When my son was born, Louisa was like a mother to him and helped me so much.

It wasn’t until he was three years old and Louisa was nine years old that I had my cochlear implant and could finally hear them,” explains Jenny. This was 24 years ago. “I was so pleased to have the surgery as I had nothing to lose and didn’t know how much I was relying on my family. It wasn’t until after I had the implant that it changed all our lives. I have not looked back since.”

“I now have two wonderful grandsons and I feel I’m re-living my time as a parent! I was there for Harry’s his first word ‘gone’ and I love hearing him say ‘Grandad’. He seems to understand that it’s best to look me in the face when he speaks and he does understand baby sign language, but perhaps that’s not surprising as my daughter went on to train as a British Sign Language Interpreter! When my second grandson Alex was born, he gave me just as much pleasure, even when he is sleeping, I can hear him when he wakes and calls out nana and this is before his grandad hears him! ”

After all these years every day is a still a new day for me.

Jenny runs the Home Counties Cochlear Implant Group (HCCIG) which she set up so that adults can meet and talk about procedures, rehabilitation and technology. “We all share our experiences and talk about accessories and new ideas and it’s a great support to people.”


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