Cochlear Implant system stories

The many benefits of treating hearing loss are well documented. But often it takes the personal stories of the people who have actually had treatment to really bring those benefits to life. Here people with hearing loss talk about how cochlear implants or direct bone conduction implants have transformed their lives for the better.


Retired teacher Pamela, 78, had her cochlear implant operation on January 18, 2016 at the John Radcliffe Hospital and was switched on two weeks later. She went deaf due to age-related hearing loss...

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I was 7 when a routine school hearing test picked up a mild hearing loss in both ears, which gradually worsened so that by the age of 15...

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Charlotte N

I was born profoundly deaf and the reason for my deafness still remains unknown. My family and I learnt to sign when I was two years old and I learnt to speak at about five...

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I realised that I could hear more of my wife’s conversation than ever before. Sounds and clarity were getting better by the minute...

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