David M

"My processor upgrade to the BP100 has been a good move and it has certainly given me access to sound that is clearer and more rounded."

David M

Location: Manchester
Hearing Improvement Type: Bone conduction hearing implant
Sound Processors: Cochlear Baha® 4

At the age of 48, the hearing in one of my ears began to deteriorate and whilst there was no pain, it felt as if my right ear was blocked with cotton wool. An MRI scan revealed an acoustic neuroma (a generally benign tumour that develops from the lining of the auditory nerve).

I had the neuroma surgically removed and then waited a year for the area to heal, before investigating solutions to my single-sided hearing loss.

My audiologist gave me two options to trial to improve my hearing. I had a Baha testband for a week and cross hearing aids on another occasion. The hearing aids simply amplified the sound for me and left me with noise overload, but the Baha system allowed me to hear without the real strain of having to work at listening.

After two years of single-sided deafness I received my implant and Baha Divino™ sound processor. Then, in September 2009, I was upgraded to the Baha BP100 sound processor. Both the Divino and the BP100 have undoubtedly changed my life. They put an end to me spending many hours in company trying to strain to hear what was being said. I could relax and appreciate conversations, rather than taking the easy option of putting myself in an imaginary ‘bubble’ and not listening anymore.

My processor upgrade to the BP100 has been a good move and it has certainly given me access to sound that is clearer and more rounded. Even though the sound I now hear on my right side will never quite match the standard of hearing in my good ear, it does let me lead a busy working life and I can enjoy my environment without having to strain. As I like to say, “I can hear without having to listen” and I wear it loud and proud as I have short hair.

I use the automatic directional microphone on my BP100 and whilst it took some getting use to as the Divino was more manual, in the correct environment, I find it really useful. I have only used the telecoil a few times but even that has been improved on the BP100 and it really works well for me at seminars. The most useful accessory for me is the audio adapter which now means I can listen to MY music and not my kids’!

It is also useful when I travel on long haul flights as it plugs into the onboard sound system. All you need is a single ear plug for your good ear and it sounds fantastic; it also means I can sleep like a baby so I need to let the staff know that I won’t hear them!

I know how useful it is to talk to others who have been through similar experiences.

Before I had my acoustic neuroma removed, I was very nervous and apprehensive about what lay ahead. My consultant put me in touch with someone who’d been through the same operation and it really helped me to be calm and confident that surgical treatment was the right option for me.

As a Baha user, I now help people to formulate their decision based on my experiences. I stress that everyone needs to investigate different options and draw their own conclusions.

We all like to hear about other people’s thoughts and findings and I think cross fertilisation of ideas is a good thing. I was brought up to help others and I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and hope I do it with a bit of humour too!


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