Charlotte W

"The Baha system may not be suitable for everyone, but for those it helps like me, it offers a chance to take part in life again. I’d like to share my experiences with other people and help them make a significant difference to their lives."

Charlotte W

Location: Hampshire
Hearing Improvement Type: Bone conduction hearing implant
Sound Processors: Cochlear Baha® BP110

My hearing deteriorated gradually as I was growing up and it was not until I was 20 years old that I was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss and given hearing aids. My conductive hearing loss was caused by ostosclerosis, a condition where the ossicles bones of the middle ear harden and become less mobile.

In my late 20′s, I had a stapedectomy in one ear, which involved surgical treatment to replace the fixed stapes bone with a prothesis. This lasted nine years, and I’ve had a stapedectomy in my other ear. All the time I’ve had to continue using a hearing aid and I had such problems with infections that, I was visiting the audiology department for suction almost monthly, which drained me as well as my ears!

Three years ago I had to retire on hearing disability grounds because of the ongoing problems with my hearing and continuing ear infections. I had a job I really enjoyed, working within deaf services on the Isle of Wight, but I’d reached the stage where I was putting up with my hearing difficulties and constant pain at work, just to keep going. I’d take out my hearing aid as soon as I got home to give myself some relief. This meant that I lived in virtual silence at home, and it wasn’t easy for my husband who had to nudge me every time he wanted to get my attention.

I was lucky enough to have heard about Baha systems, because of my work within deaf services and the RNID, but there was very little understanding of the Baha outside the specialist Audiology Centre and I had to do a lot of my own research, as well as sharing information with others after it was fitted. I joined a waiting list for one year and in May 2006, I had my Baha implanted.

Without the Baha, I’d be living in a world of virtual silence as I can no longer wear hearing aids. It’s not a miracle solution that helps me hear better, but it is a solution that lets me hear like I did with digital hearing aids.

It has allowed me to swim a lot more, I go to the gym, and I love being able to hear the sounds around me again, especially when I’m out walking. Also, I now have just one annual check up, rather than monthly ‘ear hoovering’!


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