Bone Anchored Hearing system stories

The many benefits of treating hearing loss are well documented. But often it takes the personal stories of the people who have actually had treatment to really bring those benefits to life. Here people with hearing loss talk about how direct bone conduction implants have transformed their lives for the better.


During a bombing raid in WWII, Brian suffered deafness when a bomb hit the house next to his family home. But it wasn’t until many years later that he was diagnosed with perforated eardrums and...

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My hearing problems began at the age of 10, but were only recognised at 15 when I was given a body worn hearing aid...

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Exhaustion and embarrassment are the two words, which Charles uses to sum up his life living with runny ears.

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David M

At the age of 48, the hearing in one of my ears began to deteriorate and whilst there was no pain, it felt as if my right ear was blocked...

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