Syed's story

Just another cheerful kid in the class, with cochlear implants.

Syed Abdulrahman Jamil

Name: Syed Abdulrahman Jamil
Residence: Dubai, UAE
Age at implant: 2 years, 2 months
Sound processor: Upgraded from Freedom to Nucleus 6

This is the story of a cheerful young boy Syed Abdulrahman Jamil, originally from Pakistan, and living in Dubai, UAE. Abdulrahman suffered from hearing loss at a very young age. As his grandfather was in the pharma industry, the family was able to get information about possible hearing solutions with ease. Soon they found out about cochlear implants, and approached families they knew had implanted children and requested them to share their experiences. They were convinced that it would be the right solution for their son even before meeting the doctors at the American Hospital in Dubai. The team at American Hospital, including the surgeon, audiologist and speech therapist, were extremely supportive and discussed what the implant could offer. At age 2 years and 2 months, Abdulrahman was implanted and so began his journey to a mainstream life. Today 7 year old Abdulrahman is a bilateral recipient, studying in the 2nd grade, at a mainstream school. His term reports prove that he is doing excellently in subjects such as Listening and Speaking the English language, Mathematics and Science. He is bi-lingual, expressive, great at extra-curricular activities and teachers at school are very happy with his performance.

Abdulrahman’s family believes the implant helped him hear and speak and just be a regular child in the family, while also being an active part of the larger society. To them, you wouldn’t be able to tell he is a cochlear implant recipient till you actually notice it on him. This is why they recommend it to other families considering cochlear implants.


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