Mohammad's story

The best decision the parents believe they made was opting for a cochlear implant.

I Want To Hear - Middle East - Mohammad's story

Name: Mohammad Almutawei
Residence: Dubai, UAE
Age at implant: 2 years

When Mohammad Almutawei’s parents found out that their young boy was suffering from hearing loss they were devastated. Soon they heard about cochlear implants from the hospital he was screened at and then consulted their friends in Oman and Jordan about their experiences with hearing loss solutions. In their conversations with various people they found out that Cochlear was a reliable and trusted company in the industry and also about Dr Tarabichi’s experience with cochlear implants. These factors helped them make what they now consider to be the best decision they made. Mohammad was implanted in 2007, and is today an enthusiastic 10 year old boy. He boasts of excellent speech and language, attends a mainstream school and is even an avid swimmer. Mohammed uses a CP810 sound processor today.


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