Ayat's story

Even the sky is no limit with cochlear implants.

Ayat Ibrahim Ali Ada

Name: Ayat Ibrahim Ali Ada
Residence: Dubai, UAE
Age at implant: 25
Sound processor: Nucleus 5

Ayat’s experience with cochlear implants is fairly recent as she was a hearing aid user for most of her life. Having suffered from hearing loss as a child Ayat had grown used to not being able to hear people clearly. Although she believed she was blessed in other areas of her life, not being able to hear well was still an obstacle for her. When as an adult her hearing dropped even further, she was no longer able to work at the music store she used to. It was at this point that she found out she was a candidate for cochlear implants. She consulted her parents and with friendly assurances from her doctor, she decided to proceed. As having been implanted only as an adult, Ayat was really able to compare her hearing between what it used to be and how it had begun to improve. She restarted work, this time with an airline company and decided to proceed with bilateral implantation. She has adjusted very well to the implant over the last year, and is now able to confidently communicate with people around her.

Ayat now believes that there is no limit for her. As a cochlear implantation advocate Ayat regularly shares her experience with other cochlear implant candidates. She recommends it to adults and children as she believes it helped with speech development, overall ability to communicate with others and in excelling as best as one can.


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