Adam's story

From silence to life, we are with Adam all the way.

I Want To Hear - Middle East - Dr Tarabich with Adam

Cochlear implants helped Adam live a normal life.

Born deaf, Adam was destined for a world of hushed silence. However, at just 7 months old, he was given an opportunity to change his future. During a single surgery, Cochlear implants were attached to each of Adam’s ears taking his world from silence to life.

Now five years old, Adam speaks three languages and has a normal childhood.

Led by American Board Certified ENT surgeon Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi, alongside a team of certified audiologists, speech and language pathologists, the Cochlear Implant Center at American Hospital Dubai takes a comprehensive and careful approach to providing services from evaluation and surgical procedures to post-implantation counseling.

Just like any other child, Adam deserved to hear and to be heard. We provide the tools and capabilities to give hearing-impaired children the best possible start in life.


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